Undergraduate Title


Dr. Daniel H. Yeh, PhD, P.E., LEED AP
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, ENB118
Tampa, FL 33620-5350 USA
Phone: (813) 974-4746
Fax: (813) 974-2957
E-mail: dhyeh@usf.edu
Web: http://mbr.eng.usf.edu   Office: ENC3213


Research Fellow, USF Patel Center for Global Solutions
Faculty of Global Health (courtesy appointment), USF College of Public Health
USF School of Global Sustainability Faculty Advisory Group
USF Campus Sustainability Steering Committee
USF Nanotechnology Research and Education Center Advisory Board
US Green Building Council, Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group
US Green Building Council, Climate Adaptation and Resilience (CAR) Working Group


Postdoc, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S.E. Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan
B.S.E. Civil Engineering, University of Michigan
B.S. Natural Resources, University of Michigan
Graduate Coursework in water quality modeling, Manhattan College


Areas of Interest: Water and wastewater treatment technologies (membranes, bioprocesses); resource recovery (water, energy. nutrients) from wastewater; sustainability; green buildings, urban water infrastructure; waste management (scrap tires, leachate); climate adaptation and urban resiliency; international cooperation.


Dr. Daniel Yeh is an Assistant Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of South Florida.  His overarching research theme is sustainable urban water infrastructure, focusing on alternative water supplies, resource recovery from wastes/wastewater and green building water cycle.  He strives to connect fundamental laboratory research with technological innovation and field applications.  Courses taught by Dr. Yeh include Water quality and treatment, Environmental biotechnology, Green infrastructure for sustainable communities and the Environmental research interdisciplinary colloquium.  Representative projects include optimization and innovation at a reverse osmosis membrane water treatment facility (City of Dunedin), membrane bioreactor for landfill leachate treatment (Hinkley Center), energy and nutrient recovery from wastewater through anaerobic and algal biofuel processes (Florida Energy Systems Consortium), and a student research experience at UNESCO-IHE in Holland (NSF).  Dr. Yeh is an accredited professional in Leadership and Energy and Environmental Design (USGBC) and a registered professional engineer.

Selected Publications

  • Guest, J. S.; Skerlos, S. J.; Barnard, J. L.; Beck, M. B.; Daigger, G. T.; Hilger, H.; Jackson, S. J.; Karvazy, K.; Kelly, L.; Macpherson, L.; Mihelcic, J. R.; Pramanik, A.; Raskin, L.; van Loosdrecht, M. C. M.; Yeh, D.; Love, N. G.  2009.  A new planning and design paradigm to achieve sustainable resource recovery from wastewater. Environmental Science & Technology, 43(16), DOI 10.1021/es9010515.
  • Ferlita, R.R., D. Phipps, J. Safarik and D.H. Yeh.  2008.  Cryo-snap: A simple modified freeze-fracture method for SEM imaging of membrane cross sections.  Environmental Progress, 27:204-209.
  • O. Dalrymple, D. H. Yeh and M.A. Trotz.  2007.  Removing Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine Disrupting Compounds from Wastewater by Photocatalysis: Review.  J. Chem. Technology. & Biotechnology, 82:121-134.
  • Yeh, D.H. and S.G. Pavlostathis. 2004.  Phase distribution of hexachlorobenzene in a suspended-growth culture amended with a polysorbate surfactant.  Water Environment Research, 76:137-148.
  • Pavlostathis, S.G., M.T. Prytula, and D.H. Yeh.  2003. Potential and limitations of microbial reductive dechlorination for bioremediation applications.  Water, Air, and Soil Pollution: Focus, 3:117-129.

Web site: http://mbr.eng.usf.edu/